Monday, January 14, 2013

Little Bumblo! the comic strip

Last post I shared with you a painting I did of my 22 year old daughter. I wrote that when she was young I use to draw her. So I dug out an old comic strips I did of her to share with you.

It was almost 20 years ago when she was three. I wanted to work on a comic strip and decided that the fun adventures of my daughter would not only make a pretty good comic strip, but would also serve as a great way to save those precious moments of Stasha for me and Shelly, my ex-wife, and for Stash when she got older.

I called it Little Bumblo for reasons that you will see in a minute.

I know this seems too cute to be true but Shelly told me it really happened. And why would she lie about it?
You can see the blue pencil I used in the last panel. Pros often used blue pencil to layout comics because it didn't show up in the photos, it didn't reproduce.
As you can see from the big trees, this happened in a giant sequoia state park.
This is one of my favorite strips because of how the picture on the wall comes alive. It's a picture of the Baroque composer Telemann who I was doing a comic about at the time.
Shelly was forever finding stray animals. At this time it was a cat who had babies. I have no idea where they all went. This is the strip that I got the most response from. It was even printed in a local paper.
this is the first part of a three part comic I call the bubble bath adventure. It's one of the last strips I did and was never finished. I present it in it's unfinished state for prosperity and as a prelude to the next two strips. You can also get a taste for how I did these strips.
Stashi's face in the third panel is one of my favorite pictures of the bunch. I think it really came out great.

That's all for the finished strips. Here are some sketches I did of Stash, Shelly and me to prepare for the strips.
Whenever I do a strip I start out with sketches to get an idea about how I want it to look. Here i play with faces for Stash. You can see the Little Orphan Annie influence in the eyes which I really enjoyed at that time. Yes that's me at the top.
This is studies of my Shelly. I was looking for a simplified way to draw her and yet still capture her likeness. That second one was taken from a photo of when Stash was a baby.
Here you can see the sketches leading up to the finished picture. I really enjoy the dolls head in the second panel. I think I did a good job recreating it in the final version.

Here are some strips in the sketch stage that never got to the finished stage.

And for the final one I will include a strip that is a little more risque but that I really enjoy.

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